Jun. 2019
Ceremony for the 10th Anniversary

Sep. 2014
Commemoration Symposium for the Fifth Anniversary of the Institute : 10 years from Buan's strife and civil consensus, energy governance in South Korea still has a long way to go

Oct. 2014
International Seminar of "Energy Citizenship and Energy Governance"

Nov. 2012
Commemoration Symposium for the Third Anniversary of the Institute : Think about Energy and Climate Policy of Next Government

Oct. 2011
Commemoration Symposium for the Second Anniversary of the Institute : Post Fukushima and Scenario of Energy Transition for no Nuclear

Mar. 2011
Solidarity for Climate Justice Korea Launched with Trade Union, Farmers' Group, Environmental NGOs and Woman Groups

Sep. 2010
Commemoration Symposium for the First Anniversary of the Institute : Action for Climate Change and Carbon Market

Aug. 27. 2009
Inaugural International Symposium of the ECPI, "What is Just Transition in the Age of Energy and Climate Crisis?", Seoul, Korea

Aug. 1. 2009
Energy and Climate Policy Institute for Just Transition (ECPI) established

Keywords over 10 years (2009-2019)

• Just Transition

• Climate Justice

• Energy Democracy / Energy Citizenship

• Green Jobs / Green New Deal

• Citizen Participation Energy Plan

• Energy Poverty / Green Welfare

• Community Energy / Energy Cooperatives

• Energy Politics

• Nuclear and Coal Phase-out / Energy Transition Scenarios and Pathways

• Red-Green Alliance / Renewable Energy Alliance

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