Energy and Climate Policy Institute


Park, Jin-hee /
She is an associate professor of Dongguk University and studies focused on policy of
renewable energy. Moreover, she is paying attention to "how to reach the energy
system transition", the formation of a society technology, the relations with society and
technology and sustainable development in technology.

Deputy Director

Han, Jaekak /
Majored in environment science technology sociology / Interested in green job, climate
governance, red-green alliance, just transition, and democratization on science

Lee, Jung-pil /
Majored in political science and diplomacy / Interested in ecological politics, energy
development and energy climate justice, green job and just transition.


Lee, Jinwoo /
Majored in Climate Change Policy / Interested in climate justice, the climate change
convention, ODA and environmental rights

Cho, Boyoung /
Majored in urban planning / Interested in international network, local community,
alternative technology

Lee, Boah /
Used to worked at Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Democratic Labor Party,
Green Party / Interested in social consensus for nuclear phase-out and energy
transition, multi-governance and
just transition

Kim, Hyunwoo /
Majored in Sociology / Interested in class and social movement, urban politics, public
transportation, and democratization in governance

Son, Eun-suk /
Used to worked at Democratic Labor Party, New Progressive Party, Center for Energy
politic and Seung-soo, Cho’s the National Assembly Office / Interested in Energy,
Poverty, Labor, local government and democracy.

Executive Director of the Center for Energy Politics

Lee, Kangjun /
Used to worked at People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, Democratic Labor
Party, New Progressive Party, Green Party / Interested in International renewable
energy network, Nuclear-Oil Cartel, Red-Green alliance, and just transition

Executive Director of Lao Renewable Energy Supporting Center

Yee, Youngran /
Used to worked at Citizen's Coalition for Economic Justice, People's Solidarity for
Participatory Democracy and also worked as a Korea Overseas Volunteer of Korea
International Cooperation Agency / Interested in Energy poverty, Development aid, and
South-East Asia.

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