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Enerzine No.2 (2010. 9. 21)
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• People First!

‘Korea People’s Action on G20’ has established, plan to work on alternative of globalization and climate justice

Korea’s progressive civil societies and labor movement groups launched action-group together as ‘Korea People’s Action on G20,’ in response to G20 which will open in coming 11th November in Seoul, Korea. There are the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Democratic and Labour Party, New Progressive Party and many environmental NGOs in the action-groups, and they have a plan to hold various conferences mass rally and march

Last 15th of September, there was ‘Korea People’s Action on G20’ launching press conference with the slogan “people first”. When press conference was held, People’s Action asserted that G20 has failed to solve the world economic crisis and even G20 hasn’t got any legitimacy and representativeness. Moreover, they criticized that G20 is unsubstantial with very ambiguous pledge on Job, Basic workers’ rights, Environment and development and give only full of playing lip service for avoiding fundamental problems which is reformation of neo-liberal globalized financial structure. In addition, they demanded not to shift all cost caused by economic
crisis to the people, to complete controlling on finance, reforming on international financing organization such as IMF, and do not repress labors as an excuse for G20 event.

Furthermore, Korea People’s Action strongly claim to earnestly discuss on climate change in G20 even though climate change is not included in main issues allowed for COP16 (16th Conference of the Parties under the United Nations' Climate Change Convention) in coming September in Cancun, Mexico. Korea People’s Action said subsidy that fossil fuel and nuclear energy must be stopped and all of the world should agree on shared vision to save our earth as soon as possible.

Future Action plan of ‘Korea People’s Action’ 

- 1st Oct  International Action day (strongly denounce repress labors as an excuse for G20)
-  20th Oct    Open forum respond to G20
- 21st~23rd Oct  Campaign against The Gyeongju G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting

6th Nov ~ 12th Nov will declare ‘People first! Action for G20’ week 
 - 7th Nov  National Workers Rally for denounce G20
 - 8th ~ 10th Nov  International People’s summit in Korea : various events and discussion on about 13 issue (Good work, Basic workers’ rights, controlling on financing and speculation, taxation, environment and climate change etc)
 - 11th Nov  Mass Rally and March (International people’s Action day)

• Stopped 4 Rivers destroy, this autumn will be the last chance

 The Lee government (the present government of Korea) has speed up on 4 rivers engineering. Meanwhile, environmental NGOs and civil societies’ action against 4 River has run high as well. The Lee government’s ‘green growth’ policy which represents 4 River project is just ‘neo-liberal’ greenism and typical example of green-wash

Four Rivers Project is engineering work with 16 dam constructions and making river straight, under the guise of saving 4 main big Rivers as the Lee government’s main national undertaking. Government named on this project as ‘restoration’ project but environmental ENGO asserted that it is obviously ‘destruction’. Even though Government put huge budget as 22trillion won (about 20 billon dollars) on this project, the water ecosystem has been destroyed and biodiversity has been threatened.
Last summer, activists of KFEM(Korea federation for environmental movement) has climbed up on structure in on going construction site for 41 days. And 11th SEP, there was large scaled really for stopping Rivers project. Over the 70% of Korea public opinion is against this project. But government insisted that stopping project which already started is impossible and they prohibit from any rally and meeting on this issue.

 In terms of this, measure committee for stopping the 4 River project which constructed with 4 main religious body (Buddhism, Christianity, Roman Catholic, Won Buddhism) , NGO, and political parties will build up for campaigning and  last Sep 16th social leaders demanded  referendum for 4 River project.

Unfortunately, Korea is known for high rates of green expenditure in contradistinction to GDP. However, about 3/4 of this budget actually going to 4 river’s engineering should be clearly stated. This is way far from conserving ecosystem and also conflicts with the idea of deepening democracy caused by unilateral policy push. The Lee government’s ideology of ‘Green Growth’ is typical and the recent example of environment taken into neo-liberal. Because it is the most aggressively spread, it requires attention.

The Energy and Climate Policy Institute for Just Transition (ECPI) is a research institute attached to the Center for Energy Politics (CEP), an NGO aiming to transform the current energy politics dominated by the cartel of capital and the powerful into a more democratic one based on social justice. Three core values of the CEP are "creativity," "voluntarism," and "solidarity."

Ⅱ. Act on
1) ‘Just Energy Project’
Since 2009 January, ECPI has supported BGET and NEED in Burma with solar energy system and educated NGO activists and local people.
In 2010, ECPI has plan to support to Burma with BGET

2) Action for G20
 This November, there will bethe G20 in South Korea.
 ECPI is preparing a social forum with other NGOs against that

3) Symposium : Critical review on Carbon Market
 ECPI held a Symposium as an institution 1 year anniversary
 Title was Critical review on Carbon Market
 In addition, We published a Book titled ‘Travel essay on Good energy’

4) Spread ‘Climate Justice’: Book Translation project
ECPI has translated the books ‘Climate Justice’ and ‘Just transition’ to spread the idea of Climate Justice in Korea.
Now we are working on “The Global Fight for Climate Justice(Resistance Books, 2010)”
We expect more recommendation and advice on this work
Please suggest opinion and good books

5) ‘Environment School for Labor’ with Korea Public Service Union
  ECPI and Public Service Union held the ‘Environment School for Labor’ campaign
This time will give a chance to understand each environmental Group and Labor Union. More over they will try to seek a way to cooperate for Just transition.

6) Now ECPI working on ‘Just Transition on shipbuilding business sector to wind power business sector’as a research project


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