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작성일 : 17-12-22 17:39
[Lao Newsletter] Young people in xayaboury province completed the renewable energy training
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 From November 27 th to 30 th, young people in Xayaboury Province have completed the renewable energy training at NUOL (National University of Laos). 

They were trained to final produce two prototypes of 40W and 200W solar power generators.

Students have learned how to purchase panels, batteries, and screws to produce the models themselves for the commercialization of own solar power system.

From December 4 to 6, Lao Renewable Energy Assistance Center has installed solar power systems for energy-poor households and communal facilities such as school, temple, the village hall in Natang village and Keo village, where electricity is not yet available. 

This was the result of the supporting members and member organizations who shared empathy for lack of resources. 

From now on the villagers will manage solar power generation facilities with mutual agreement. 


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