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[Statement] UNFCCC COP17 in Durban, Deny past COPs
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<Statement of Solidarity for Climate Justice on UNFCCC COP17>

UNFCCC COP17 in Durban, Deny past COPs

The global community having the UNFCCC COP 17 in Durban ahead, have been exposed to 3 great dangers. First of all, as we have witnessed flood in Thailand and drought in eastern Africa, the globe has already entered upon the acceleration phase of the climate change. Secondly, expiration of the Kyoto Protocol, the only existing binding agreement concerning on the climate change, is imminent. Thirdly, the upcoming discussion at the UNFCCC COP17 in Durban will be based on the Cancun Agreement regarded as the worst failure of COPs. These three just present incompetence of governments to handle the unprecedented challenge of mankind, the climate change.

The heavy rain from the last summer in Thailand has caused fierce flood having devoured the northen part of Thailand and its capital, Bangkok. Still the water has not receded so that the residents are suffering severely without proper shelter and food. Furthermore the whole area of Somalia in the Eastern Africa has been declared as Priority Disaster Area because of severe famine. In 2010, large scale of cyclone resulted in more than 2,000 victims and coastal erosion of small island states can not been overlooked any more. These are just beginning. Already there have been tens of millions climate refugees as well as destruction of our ecosystem. The nature can not bear irresponsibility of mankind any further. The climate change which has been so rampant to be perceived as normal is a warning to all participating countries of the UNFCCC COP17, which do not seem to recognize its seriousness. However the more serious problem is that there is nothing to expect from them.

Kyoto Protocol will be expired in the next year. However there is not a single decision for Post-Kyoto Regime so far. Even they can not reach an agreement whether to renew the protocol due to opposition of some advanced countries. The Kyoto Protocol is the only existing binding tool to enforce each country to reduce greenhouse gases. Even though we strongly disagree the level of reduction set by the protocol and we have absolutely no belief in effectiveness of the protocol to prevent the global warming. the Kyoto Protocol is symbolic of th binding agreement against the climate change. Therefore we are seriously concerned with the collapse of the Kyoto Regime without any will of government to resolve the global warming. So it is critical to draw an agreement on strong Post-Kyoto Regime in Durban. In addition to this, inevitably UNFCCC COP17 in Durban should consider renewal of the Kyoto Protocol for additional time required to discuss about details of an agreement. It should be kept in mind that the renewal of the protocol is a only limited measure to avoid time lag. If these are not achieved, every participating country will be blamed as the worst criminals in the history of mankind.

Furthermore we firmly reject to name outcomes of COP16 in Cancun an agreement. The document drawn by participating countries in Cancun is just a depraved deception. We, as representatives of people, can not agree with one single sentence which is injust and nothing more than a diplomatic rhetoric. How can we agree with a 2°C global temperature limit? How can we agree with unequal and injust agreement which condones banishment of small island states and deprivation of tens of millions of people’s right to live? Also in Post Kyoto Regime, there will be no measure to reduce greenhouse gases. Paying attention to recommendations of scientists without a specific target of greenhouse gas reduction is especially absurd. This is no more than a joke of children. Against this backdrop, it is meaningless to discuss further in Durban about setting a reduction target for each advanced country. It will definitely become another repeated failure for which nobody takes responsibility. UNFCCC COP17 in Durban should abrogate Cancun Agreement and make all discussions back to the starting point. In order to do so, the COP 17 ensures that Peoples Agreement drawn in Cochabamba, Bolivia in 2010 should be a floor level of reduction target assigned to each advanced country. It is necessary to make more than 80% reduction by 2050 compulsory, to expand Climate Change Fund for developing countries drastically with admitting Climate debt, and to strengthen communication with civil society in the negotiation process in the future. What we want is nothing but only the Climate Justice! Climate negotiation will take place at the Conference of Polluters but Climate Justice will be achieved in People’s Space of the globe.

Each government should not regard our demand as another repeated claims of people. Citizen of the Earth can not overlook your ignorance and betrayal any further. Your continuous irresponsible attitude at the UNFCCC COPs will only provoke a storm of people’s anger beyond your control. Our voice to concern the climate change and the climate inequity is just beginning.

Let’s occupy COP17!

November 2011

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