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[Statement] COP 17 in Durban finishes its Touch of the Total Failure for the Globe
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COP 17 in Durban finishes its Touch of the Total Failure for the Globe

- COP 17 in Durban just sentences the Earth to Death -

The COP 17 held in Durban came to the end on 11th December with some reached agreements. Firstly the Kyoto Protocol has been renewed in order to prevent UN-led multilateral framework of greenhouse reduction collapsing. Also there was a consensus to establish 'Durban Platform for Enhanced Action' participated not only by advanced countries but also by developing countries. A considerably large number of media has reported that resolute framework for greenhouse gas reduction has been consented in Durban. Some civil society has also made a comment that the COP17 was 'Half Success! and Half Failure' since the Kyoto Protocol has still be kept.

However the news from Durban have just frustrated us. Not a single point can be appreciated as a accomplishment. The renewal of the Kyoto Protocol hailed as the best outcome is also disappointed. Agreement to enter into the second phase of the Kyoto Protocol could be a bright spot but any conclusive decision of how much greenhouse gas need to be reduced by each country in the second phase has not been made. Despite the Kyoto Protocol effective since 2008, the level of greenhouse gas in the globe has been increasing and it reached the highest record in the history in 2010. Furthermore, China and USA responsible for the global greenhouse gas emission are even not signatories of the Protocol. The renewal of the Protocol would be meaningless without a vigorous reduction target and more binding power. It is definitely not a appropriate medical treatment to give a injection of ringer solution for 3 years to an emergency patient. Even though there will be the second round of discussion in the next year, it is impossible to keep believing a 17 years of lie.

'Durban Platform' for concluding the Post Kyoto regime by 2015 is the worse to see. it is claimed that the participation of developing countries would make the Post Kyoto framework different from the Kyoto regime which only advanced countries has signed in. However it is not a trustworthy. The agreement pledged to take a measure of 'legal instrument or agreed outcome with legal force' but there is no clarification of whether this term implies compulsory reduction of greenhouse gas. It is rather clear that this ambiguity will obstruct future negotiation. If taking intensive conflicts between countries due to interpretation of the Protocol for past several year into account, this newly introduced term is just another diplomatic rhetoric to avoid criticism. what is worse is that the deadline of discussion is set by 2015 and the target year of effectuation is set by 2020, which is 8 years behind that what was pledged in the first place. A criminal sentences 8 years probation by himself.

'Green Climate Fund' made most smooth progress during the COP 17 is also disappointing. it was agreed to raise the Fund capable to provide the maximum 100 billion US dollars annually by 2020. However it is questionable whether actual fund raising and its execution could take place since any detailed plans to raise the fund and to allot contribution to each country have not been arranged yet. In terms of the emergency aid between 2010 and 2012, only 2 billion US dollars which is less than 10% of the target annual amount, 30 billion dollars, were executed. The aids from advanced countries are the only option for poorest countries having concerned with its existence due to the climate change to increase their capability to cope with the change. Against this backdrop, it is just another meaningless echo without any promise if there is any practical action plans to raise and execute the fund. In 2009, the anger of the secretary general of African Union who saying "they(advanced countries) put us into a holocaust" is still ongoing.

It is speechless with outrageousness of Korean government which announced to host the secretariat of Green Climate Fund. The current administration seems to have infantilism to think that holing international organisations or international meetings are everything. It is brought into light that 'Green Growth' claimed by LEE Myungbak administration is just destructive and anit environmental construction works. Hence their intention to take part in development thouthless for environment in developing countries should not be looked on idle. It can not be understood how LEE Myungbak administration which has failed to handle its own national finance so to put people in agony can manage the international fund.

The global community has already considered COP 15 in Copenhagen and COP 16 in Cancun as half failure. Again COP 17 in Durban is regarded another half failure. New half failure is added to existing half so that COPs become to reach the total failure. It is crystal clear that our future can not be put in the hand of the governments. It is now the time for us to change from the bottom.

12. 12. 2011

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