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[Coal Phase-out and Just Transition] Forum
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<Coal Phase-out and Just Transition> Forum

□ Program Outline

❚Date : Monday 1 October, 14:00~16:30
❚Venue: Lotte Buyeo Resort, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea
❚Hosts: Chungcheongnam-do, Chungnam Institute
❚Organizers: Energy & Climate Policy Institute for Just Transition (ECPI), Seoul National University Asia Center for Asian Cities (SNUCAC)

□ Background and Objects

❚The phase-out of coal-fired power generation is spreading around the world with the launch of the 2020 New Climate Regime. Coal phase-out is getting more and more support in the Republic of Korea as well, where coal-fired and nuclear power generation has been long favored due to the cost efficiency. However, evolving perspectives that the coal-fired and nuclear power generation causes environmental degradation, health problems and abnormal weather conditions, the newly inaugurated government of the Republic of Korea has promised to cancel the plan for additional coal power plants, and is drawing up a road map for the compete closure of decrepit coal plants. Chungcheongnam-do, where more than half of the nation’s coal power plants are located, tries to go a step further and is currently working together with its citizens to formulate new visions and goals for coal phase-out and energy transition.

❚The main academic theme of this pre-sessional meeting “Coal Phase-out and Just Transition” is on energy transition based on social and environmental justice. Many perceive the impact of the rise of the renewable energy industry as a double-edged sword for society. While its positive effect on the environment and the expansion of renewable-related jobs are expected, it also has a negative potential to cause job insecurity for local society and demise of traditional forms of energy industries. Under such changes, we believe energy transition and responses to energy change inevitably entail serious public deliberations and democratic procedures. We hope this conference would be an opportunity to engage in serious academic discussions regarding such issues. 

□ Programs

[Moderator] Jinhee Park(Chairperson, Energy & Climate Policy Institute) 

[Presentation 1]
Urban Energy Democracy: Municipal Energy in Europe
James Angel(Ph. D Candidate in Geography, King's College London)

[Presentation 2]
Coal transition : Insights from case studies
Salim Mazouz(Research Manager, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University) 

[Presentation 3]
Just Transition Discourses and Perspectives in Korea
Jungpil Lee(Deputy director, Energy & Climate Policy Institute) 

[Discussion Panels]
Hyungyu Shin(Union head of Korea Midland Power, Korea Power Plant Industry Union)
Changwon Son(Co-chairperson, Korea Federation for Environment Movement of Dangjin)
Jintae Hwang(Research Fellow, Seoul National University Asia Center for Asian Cities)

[General Discussion]


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